Saturday, August 16, 2008

Our 2008 Summer

The summer is coming to an end and it came and went by so FAST! We were not able to go on a vacation just the two fo us, but we did get to spend time with family and friends. This summer was field with quiting old jobs and starting new jobs, fishing, weddings, calf fries, Ranger games and our first pool (the adult kiddie pool).

This was my last day happy hour with all my close friends from Concussion Advertising. I miss them all the time.

Our good friend Tommy came to visit from Singapore. He has been living and working there for the past three years. We are both very proud of him.

Tommy and Tyson Dancing

Tyson and I went to help Jessica and Rory move out of their house in Austin to the wonderful town of Amarillo. They took us out and showed us their Austin fun.

Rory and Tyson (My Thug)

Tyson thinks this is in his future....well let him believe!

Tyson got me flowers for our three year anniv. I had been in Vegas on our anniv. for work and I was so excited.

Erwin girls in Vegas for Kristen's Bach party....Watch out Club Tao!

This is Jessica and I at Joey's Wedding in May. We had such a good time seeing old friends from High School.