Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I know it has been awhile and I do apologize. We have been so busy and time is flying by so fast, its hard to keep up. Tyson has started baseball season and is gone quiet a bit. But he loves being the JV coach. He is always thinking of ways to improve each of his players and coming up with different ways to teach them how to be better and to strive for that everyday/every game. Go Bulldogs!

My job is very time consuming, but I love it. I have to drive back and forth between Fort Worth and Allen, Texas. I have been researching on blog sites a lot lately and have found this whole other world very intriguing. You can find blogs on just about anything and this whole viral community has grown into a worldly communication tool for all ages. My job requires me to keep up with current events and think outside the box, so finding all these new avenues for communicating is wonderful. I have been traveling a lot lately and getting to meet wonderful people. I recently went to a property in Flowood, MS and we met with the chamber and city. These people are the most amazing group of people and they reminded me of people in Amarillo. Very open and no judgement. DFW can not relate to the wonderful people who grow-up in communities where everyone knows everyone. But I do know that can be a negative on some points.

Leo and Zoey are wonderful dogs and they have been so behaved here lately- I'm wondering if they are hiding something from us. Even though they are dogs- they are very sneaky. I recently celebrated my 27th birthday and we had a wonderful time. My best friends and family went to celebrate with Tyson and I. I had the best birthday I have ever had. My parents are doing very well. Of course my dad is very stressed all the time and over extends himself, but he is a go-getter and will never stop. He is a hard worker and has a lot of fans that look up to him including me. My mom and dad went to San Juan for an entire week BY THEMSELVES, which is a huge deal. I am so happy for them and hope they take time out for themselves more often, because they deserve it. They have worked so hard to get where they are today and NO-ONE can take that away from them. My wonderful sister had some really good accomplishment this month. She found out that she passed one of the sections for her certification to become a certified landscape designer. She is incredibly smart and she is studying now for the next section. WAY TO GO SIS! We all know that I gave up the studying thing right when I walked across that stage in December of 2004. LOL!

I am going to try and keep this updated more, but you never know our schedules.